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Hi! I'm Sarah!

Your Southern California

 Couples Photographer

If you're looking for a photographer who is dedicated to crafting timeless, heartfelt photographs that tell your unique love story, then you are in the right place! 


I take a documentary approach to each session as I believe it's the "in between" moments that hold all of the magic. From stolen glances and gentle brushes of palm to cheek, to shared laughter, and getting tangled up in sheets, I focus on capturing the candid, spontaneous moments that unfold naturally. 


 I aim to create a comfortable atmosphere during our sessions, ensuring your personalities shine through. Through lifestyle photography, I preserve the authentic moments that make your love story truly special.


While I am based in Orange County, my love for photography knows no bounds. I can't get enough of seeing this amazing planet and am dying to pack my bags and embark on an adventure with you! If your love story takes me somewhere on my bucket list, there will be no session fee! Yeah, you read that right! Reach out and let's create lasting memories you'll cherish forever.

Xx Sarah

Spanish Steps Rome, Italy. Traveling photographer.

Rome, Italy

Romantic Couples Photos. Cliffside engagement photos. Couples posing ideas. Palos Verdes E

Ilana and Brandon

Words cannot fully describe how amazing Sarah is. My husband and I were in LA for my cousin's wedding and it happened to be our one year anniversary so I really wanted to do a one year anniversary photoshoot. Shortly before the shoot, we found out we were pregnant (YAY) and I asked Sarah if it was okay to bring the first ultrasound to the shoot to take pregnancy announcement photos as well. Not only was Sarah the sweetest in the entire world, but she made the whole experience magical. She found the PERFECT spot, played music, and prompted us so effortlessly. I honestly never felt as beautiful as I did during this shoot - she made me feel like a princess. On top of everything, the photos turned out absolutely amazing. Everybody I have shown them to say they are Pinterest board worthy which I take as a very high compliment. If you are in the LA area and need a photographer, I highly recommend you go with Sarah. She really makes your dreams come true.

Tori and Mahmoud

"Sarah could not have made our beach proposal day more special. Her photography has managed to immortalize a moment of love and joy, while allowing us to be our true goofy, fun-loving selves. Taking pictures can be somewhat nerve wracking, but the way she was able to keep us calm and having lots of fun made the entire experience memorable. We look forward to working with her again in the future!! And would recommend 1 million times over."

Intimate couple lifestyle session

Michelle and Hudson

"Sarah is a true artist and a master at her craft. I did a couples shoot with my husband and we really enjoyed our session. Sarah gave us great direction, made us feel super comfortable, and truly just felt like we were spending the afternoon having fun with a friend! We received our photos and were BLOWN AWAY with how perfect they came out. Sarah is gifted with an incredible talent for capturing beautiful images and she was able to deliver an even more incredible vision than what we had hoped for. I’m obsessed with every single picture we received, the quality and attention to detail is unbelievable. We are already looking forward to the next shoot with Sarah. So excited to get these printed for our home, thank you Sarah!"

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